The Soviet Journal of Atomic Energy

, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp 429–432 | Cite as

Cationite separation of lithium isotopes by the method of a moving band with non — intermixing boundaries

  • N. I. Nikolaev
  • V. M. Kolotyrkin
  • N. N. Tunitskii


We investigated the separation of lithium isotopes using the cationite KU-2. The conditions of formation of a moving band with non-intermixing boundaries were determined, the kinetics governing the establishment of a stationary distribution of isotopes in the moving band was studied, and it was shown that this method may be used to determine the separation coefficients in ionites. For two portions of the cationite the corresponding values of the separation coefficients were obtained; these were equal to 1.0010 and 1.0055 for LiOH and 1.0020 for Li2SO3. A separation factor equal to 1.32 was obtained over a band 33 cm long.


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  • N. I. Nikolaev
  • V. M. Kolotyrkin
  • N. N. Tunitskii

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