The Soviet Journal of Atomic Energy

, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp 418–421 | Cite as

Fluorooxalates of tetravalent uranium

  • I. V. Tananaev
  • G. S. Savchenko


The new compounds, the mixed fluorooxalates of tetravalent uranium (UF2)C2O4 · 11/2H2O and (UF)2 · · (C2O4)3 are described. The former is obtained by the action of a saturated oxalic acid solution on UF4 · 21/2H2O at temperatures from 25 to 100 °C and the latter by fusion of UF4 · 21/2H2O with H2C2O4 · · 2H2O with subsequent heating of the melt to 200 °C.


2H2O Uranium Acid Solution Oxalic Acid Subsequent Heating 
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  • I. V. Tananaev
  • G. S. Savchenko

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