The Soviet Journal of Atomic Energy

, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 644–648 | Cite as

Dosimetry method for β radiation based on investigations of the electron spectra in the fields of β emitters

  • K. K. Aglintsev
  • V. P. Kasatkin


A method has been developed for β-ray dosimetry based on the investigation of the effective electron spectra in the fields of β emitters. The β spectra was investigated with the help of a scintillation spectrometer. It was shown, that the value of the dose\(D = N\left( {\frac{{\overline {dE} }}{{dx}}} \right)\), where N is the number of β particles penetrating an infinitesimal volume around the point being considered;\(\left( {\frac{{\overline {dE} }}{{dx}}} \right)\) is the value of the ionization loss averaged over the spectrum. It was established that the quantity\(\left( {\frac{{dE}}{{dx}}} \right)\) is determined by the maximum energy of the β spectrum of the isotope and may be considered to be independent of the depth of the medium and of the source diameter. Curves of depth doses for S35, Tl204, Y91, and Ce144 + Pr144 are given and criteria for selecting isotopes to provide optimal conditions of irradiation are established.


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  • K. K. Aglintsev
  • V. P. Kasatkin

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