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Fibrosarcoma of the scalp following postoperative radiotherapy for medulloblastoma

  • M. L. Prasad
  • A. K. Mahapatra
  • A. K. Dinda
  • C. Sarkar
  • S. Roy
Special Cases


A rare case of fibrosarcoma of the scalp following postoperative radiotherapy for medulloblastoma is reported. A review of similar cases in the literature was undertaken in an attempt to find a correlation between the dose of radiation, the length of the latent period, and the nature of the neoplasm. A significantly shorter latent period was found for sarcomas. No relationship was observed between the radiation dose and the latent period. The present case is unique in that the post-irradiation neoplasm (PIN) occurred in a predominantly extracranial site after treatment for a desmoplastic medulloblastoma and had a remarkably short latent period.


Medulloblastoma post-irradiation neoplasm fibrosarcoma radiotherapy 


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  • M. L. Prasad
    • 1
  • A. K. Mahapatra
  • A. K. Dinda
  • C. Sarkar
  • S. Roy
  1. 1.New DelhiIndia

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