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Main characteristics of foams and a study of the production process of zirconia foam ceramics

  • Yu. E. Pivinskii
  • R. G. Makarenkova
Refractories in the Hands of the Consumer


Some combined studies of the syneresis, resistance, and the rheological properties of two-phase foams used to obtain foam ceramics have been carried out. A series of characteristics have been proposed for the evaluation of the properties of the three-phase mineralized foam ceramics. The connection between the technological and rheological properties of mineralized zircon foam and the connection between the properties of the foams and the foam ceramics obtained from them have been shown.

A zircon foam ceramic with a total porosity of 78–90% and an ultimate compressive strength of 2–17 MPa has been prepared.

It has been shown that it is possible to obtain a no-shrink (on molding) zircon foam ceramic.


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  • Yu. E. Pivinskii
  • R. G. Makarenkova

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