, Volume 22, Issue 5–6, pp 292–298 | Cite as

Rheological and binding properties of high-alumina suspensions

  • Yu. E. Pivinskii
  • P. L. Mityakin


On the basis of a high-alumina chamotte composition, we have obtained a highly concentrated suspension (CV up to 0.73) which makes it possible to mold casts of porosity to 16% and an ultimate bend strength of up to 4 MPa.

The main principles in the process of making suspensions and the character of their rheological properties have already been obtained for silicaceous suspensions. The casts of the high-alumina composition are capable of being strengthened by means of the SCACB mechanism which makes it possible to obtain the casts on the basis of both finegrained ceramic and materials of a grainy structure.


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  • Yu. E. Pivinskii
  • P. L. Mityakin

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