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Cardiovascular lesions in chronic pancreatitis

A prospective study


We prospectively investigated fifty-four consecutive patients with proven chronic pancreatitis and 54 control subjects for the presence of cardiovascular lesions. Clinical and laboratory evidence of arterial involvement was found in 18 patients (33%) and in five controls (9%) (P<0.01). Electrocardiographic alterations indicating coronary heart disease were found in eight patients and in three controls, and peripheral symptoms and signs indicating obliterative atherosclerotic disease of the lower extremities were found in 12 patients (two had associated electrocardiographic changes) and in two controls. No significant differences in the prevalence of the major vascular risk factors were observed between patients with vascular lesions and those without, and between patients and control subjects. It is concluded that patients with chronic pancreatitis have more frequent cardiovascular lesions which tend to develop at an earlier age, compared to the general population. The possibility that chronic pancreatitis may favor the development of these lesions is discussed.

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