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, Volume 155, Issue 4, pp 433–440 | Cite as

Bestimmung von elektrischen Dipolmomenten des TlF mit einer Molekülstrahl-Resonanzapparatur

  • Gernot Gräff


By improving the resolving power of a molecular beam electric resonance apparatus it became possible to measure two new effects, namely
  1. a)

    the isotope effect of the electric dipole momentμ of TlF

  2. b)
    the dependance ofμ (v) onv2

For this purposeμ2/B was measured inΔmj=±1 transitions in theJ=1 rotational state and in vibrational statesv=0,1 and 2. From this quantity the above effects were calculated. These results are compared withSchlier's calculations. Furthermore the sum of the magnetic spin-rotational interaction constantscTl +cF was measured forv=1 and 2. Finally a method is described for measuring the spontaneous transition probability for thev=1→ v=0 transitions.

The results are:


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  • Gernot Gräff
    • 1
  1. 1.Physikalischen Institut der Universität BonnDeutschland

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