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Acute and chronic effects of domperidone on gastric emptying in diabetic autonomic neuropathy

  • M. Horowitz
  • P. E. Harding
  • B. E. Chatterton
  • P. J. Collins
  • D. J. C. Shearman
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Gastric emptying was studied with a double radioisotopic method in 12 patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus complicated by autonomic neuropathy and in 22 control subjects. In the diabetics, the acute and chronic effects of oral domperidone on gastric emptying, symptoms of gastroparesis, and glycemic control were assessed. Gastric emptying of solid and liquid was slower in diabetics than controls (P<0.001). Acute administration of domperidone increased the rate of both solid and liquid emptying (P<0.005). Domperidone was most effective in those patients with the greatest delay in gastric emptying. After chronic administration (35–51 days), domperidone had no significant effect on solid emptying (P>0.05), but was still effective in increasing liquid emptying (P<0.025). Symptoms of gastroparesis were less after domperidone (P<0.001).


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  • P. E. Harding
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  • B. E. Chatterton
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  • P. J. Collins
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  • D. J. C. Shearman
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  1. 1.Department of MedicineUniversity of Adelaide, Endocrine UnitAdelaideSouth Australia
  2. 2.Department of Nuclear MedicineRoyal Adelaide HospitalAdelaideSouth Australia

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