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Weak agnosticism defended

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  1. See, for example, John Leslie ‘Modern cosmology and the creation of life’ in McMullin (ed.),Evolution and Creation. Leslie has discussed these issues in numerous other publications.

  2. This line of defence is inspired by the work of Richard Swinburne. SeeThe Existence of God (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979), especially pp. 53–57.

  3. See Robert McLaughlin, ‘Necessary agnosticism?’,Analysis 44 (1984): 198–202.

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  4. This point has been well-argued by John Mackie. SeeThe Miracle of Theism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1982), especially pp. 100–101.

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  5. ‘On Rescher on Pascal's Wager’,International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 30 (1990): 159–168.

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  6. This line of response is inspired by the early writings of Alvin Plantinga. See, especially,God and Other Minds (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1967).

  7. See, e.g., A. Plantinga, ‘Reason and belief in God’, at p. 77; and N. Wolterstorff, ‘Can belief in God be rational if it has no foundations?’, especially at pp. 176ff. Both of these papers are in A. Plantinga, and N. Wolterstorff (eds.),Faith and Rationality: Reason and Belief In God (Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press, 1983).

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  8. Wolterstorff, op. cit., makes much of the points dismissed in this paragraph: see, especially, p. 155.

  9. See, e.g., William Alston (1983), ‘Christian experience and Christian belief’, in Plantinga and Wolterstorff, op. cit, at pp. 104–105.

  10. Gilbert Harman,Change in View: Principles of Reasoning (Cambridge, Mass. M.I.T. Press Bradford Books, 1986).

  11. Huw Price, ‘Review ofChange in View’,Philosophical Books 29 (1988): 38–41, esp. 38–39.

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  12. See ‘Occam's Razor and possible worlds,’Monist 65 (1982): 456–464.

  13. On the Plurality of Worlds (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986), at pp. 119–121.

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