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Intensity of wear and tear of magnesite-chrome refractories in open-hearth roofs


When magnesite-chrome brick wears out, the temperature gradient through the open-hearth furnace roof is increased; hence the dimensions of the spalling working part of the brick are reduced and the time interval between spalling during the run is increased.

The increased wear resistance of dense, high-fired magnesite-chrome roof refractories in service in the roofs of rocking furnaces was due to reduction in the size of the spalling working part and a longer period between spalling as a result of delayed migration of the melts and the associated rate of formation of zones in the brick.

It is possible to bring about a considerable reduction in the intensity of the wear and tear in magnesite-chrome roof refractories during service in open hearth furnaces by increasing the temperature gradient (Δt/Δδ) through the thickness of the roof, by intensive cooling of the outer surface of smooth roofs during the first half of the run, and also by using dense magnesite-chrome refractories.

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