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Cell division in baeocyte producing cyanobacteria

  • Dennis D. Kunkel


An ultrastructural examination of cell division in two baeocyte producing cyanobacteria,Pleurocapsa minor andDermocarpa violaceae, reveals two distinct patterns of binary (transverse) fission. Septate binary fission, inPleurocapsa minor, involves centripetal synthesis and deposition of the mucopolymer cell wall layer (L 2). The ingrowth of the cytoplasmic membrane and L 1 cell wall layer, along with the synthesis of the L 2 cell wall layer, results in the formation of a prominent septum. Partitioning of the cell occurs by the constriction of the outer cell wall layers (L 3 and L 4) through the septum. InDermocarpa violaceae, constrictive binary fission occurs by the simultaneous ingrowth or constriction of the cytoplasmic membrane and all cell wall layers (L1, L2, L3, L4). Septate and constrictive binary fission may proceed symmetrically (medially) or asymmetrically (nonmedially). Multiple fission occurs regularly inDermocarpa violaceae and provides for a rapid means of reproduction when compared to binary fission. Successive radial and tangential divisions of the protoplast result in formation of many small daughter cells (baeocytes). The process of multiple fission is similar to septate binary fission with reduced septa being formed. However, constriction of the outer cell wall layers, through the septa, proceeds concurrently with septum formation.


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