Soviet Atomic Energy

, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 104–111 | Cite as

Analytical solution of the problem of neutron thermalization in a heavy moderator

  • M. V. Kazarnovskii


A model of a kernel for neutron scattering in a heavy moderator is presented. The kernel has the correct asymptotic behavior at high energies and leads to a scattering operator which yields zero when applied to the Maxwell distribution. The model ineludes three arbitrary functions of neutron velocity which may be chosen so as to give the best approximation of true seattering kernels. Within the framework of the diffusion approximation, the neutron distribution function is found for this model in integral form for the general case of an arbitrary source, and the question of eigenvalues and eigenfunetions of the neutron transport equation is discussed briefly.


Distribution Function Asymptotic Behavior Transport Equation Arbitrary Function Neutron Thermalization 
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  • M. V. Kazarnovskii

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