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Metastasis of chondrosarcoma


This study was undertaken to analyse metastases of patients with intermediate- or high-grade chondrosarcomas. Out of 24 intermediate-grade tumours, 5 (21%) developed metastases, as did 6 of 10 high-grade tumours (60%) (P=0.04). Four patients developed pulmonary metastasis only, 5 developed both pulmonary metastases and metastases of the other sites. Two patients showed a rare metastatic pattern: bone metastases only. The metastasis rate in the primary chondrosarcoma (42%) was higher than that in the secondary chondrosarcomas (0%) (P=0.03). The metastasis rate was higher in patients with local recurrence (86%) than in those without local recurrence (19%) (P=0.01). In 5 of 6 patients who had a local relapse and metastasis, the interval between the two relapses was a few months.

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