Crossing families


Given a set of points in the plane, a crossing family is a collection of line segments, each joining two of the points, such that any two line segments intersect internally. Two setsA andB of points in the plane are mutually avoiding if no line subtended by a pair of points inA intersects the convex hull ofB, and vice versa. We show that any set ofn points in general position contains a pair of mutually avoiding subsets each of size at least\(\sqrt {n/12} \). As a consequence we show that such a set possesses a crossing family of size at least\(\sqrt {n/12} \), and describe a fast algorithm for finding such a family.

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Research supported in part by DARPA grant N00014-89-J-1988, Air Force AFOSR-89-0271, NSF grant DMS-8606225, and an ONR graduate fellowship. Further, part of this work was conducted at and supported by DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science), a National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center-NSF-STC8809648.

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