Applied Mathematics and Optimization

, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 145–160 | Cite as

γ-Subdifferential and γ-convexity of functions on the real line

  • Hoàng Xuân Phú


In this paper the γ-subdifferential and γ-convexity of real-valued functions on the real line are introduced. By means of the γ-subdifferential, a new necessary condition for global minima (or maxima) is formulated which many local minima (or maxima) cannot satisfy. The γ-convexity is used to state sufficient conditions for global minima. The class of γ-convex functions is relatively large. For example, there are γ-convex functions which are not continuous anywhere. Nevertheless, a γ-local minimum of a γ-convex function is always a global minimum. Furthermore, if a γ-convex function attains its global minimum, then it does so near the boundary of its domain.

Key words

Subdifferential Convex Quasi-convex Optimization Minimum Maximum Necessary condition Sufficient condition 

AMS classification

46G05 49B27 52A01 65K05 90C25 90C48 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Hoàng Xuân Phú
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of MathematicsBo Ho, 10000 HanoiVietnam

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