Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 31, Issue 5, pp 577–581 | Cite as

Synthesis of N-(ω-trimethylsilylalkyl)purines under conditions of interfacial catalysis

  • É. Alksnis
  • M. Lidak
  • É. Kyjevits


A Method of synthesis of N-(ω-trimethylsilylalkyl)purines, by alkylation of potassium salts of purine bases by 3-chloropropyltrimethylsilane and chloromethyltrimethylsilanes under conditions of interfacial catalysis, has been developed. Hydroxylation of the N-allyl group by dimethylphenylsilane, which is an alternative pathway of synthesis of silicon-containing purine derivatives, has been accomplished for the first time in the purine series. The structure of the compounds obtained was established by methods of PMR and UV spectroscopy.


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  • É. Alksnis
  • M. Lidak
  • É. Kyjevits

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