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On the single server retrial queue with priority customers


We consider anM 2/G 2/1 type queueing system which serves two types of calls. In the case of blocking the first type customers can be queued whereas the second type customers must leave the service area but return after some random period of time to try their luck again. This model is a natural generalization of the classicM 2/G 2/1 priority queue with the head-of-theline priority discipline and the classicM/G/1 retrial queue. We carry out an extensive analysis of the system, including existence of the stationary regime, embedded Markov chain, stochastic decomposition, limit theorems under high and low rates of retrials and heavy traffic analysis.

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Visiting from: Department of Probability, Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow 119899, Russia.

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Falin, G.I., Artalejo, J.R. & Martin, M. On the single server retrial queue with priority customers. Queueing Syst 14, 439–455 (1993).

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  • Priority queues
  • head-of-the-line priority discipline
  • retrials
  • limit theorems
  • stochastic decomposition