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Biogeochemical prospecting for uranium deposits

  • A. L. Kovalevskii


Biogeochemical prospecting for uranium deposits is still little used in practice and can be further refined. Such refinements should include the following:
  1. 1)

    Development of methods of car and aircraft biogeochemical mapping, during the conduct of which the sampling and transportation of samples of plants will be conducted by means of trucks and helicopters;

  2. 2)

    Development of aerial biogeochemical methods, based on determinations of radium and nonradioactive element-indicators of uranium given off from plants into the air in conjunction with their transpiration of water;

  3. 3)

    Development of aerial methods of radium determination in plants with the help of aerial emanation mapping, based on the registration of radon (or its decay daughters) emanated from the plants;

  4. 4)

    Development of faster field methods for radium determinations in plants without ashing or even without sampling;

  5. 5)

    Development of special high-yield automatic ovens for ashing plant samples;

  6. 6)

    Development of more productive methods and instrumentation for α-analysis of plant samples, with automated analysis.



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