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Follicular aspiration using a syringe suction system may damage the zona pellucida


The incidence of the formation of cracks in the zona pellucida during aspiration was assessed by comparing two methods of aspirating follicular contents by suction: (a) mamuat aspiration by syringe and (b) mechanical aspiration by pump. Of 36 patients whose follicles were evcuated manually using syringes, 18 had at least one damaged cocyte. Of 38 other patients whose follicles were aspirated by pump, only one had an oocyte with a cracked zona pelluciada. Four patients had their oocytes aspirated by both syringe and pump. In all four the oocytes were intact when aspirated by the pump, but one oocyte was damaged in three of four cases when the follicles were aspirated using syringes.

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