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The effect of fibrin sealant on mouse embryos


It is postulated that ovarian hyperstimulation prior to embryo transfer results in changes in the endometrium which lead to poor adhesive properties of the endometrium. Based on the properties of fibrin sealant which is used in human operative medicine, it is believed that adhesion of embryos to the endometrium during embryo transfer may be encouraged by the addition of fibrin sealant. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of the addition of fibrin sealant to a mouse embryol Ham's F-10 culture medium mixture. There was no statistical difference in the number of blastocysts developing from 138 embryos in standard medium compared with 139 cultured with the addition of fibrin sealant. It is concluded that fibrin sealant is not embryotoxic, and thus following further experimentation its eventual utilization in human in vitro fertilization/embryo transfer programs appears promising.

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