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, Volume 71, Issue 6, pp 981–988 | Cite as

Neutron diagnostics on the Angara-5 assembly

  • A. V. Batyunin
  • A. N. Bulatov
  • V. I. Zaitsev
  • G. M. Oleinik


The neutron diagnostics complex, developed on the Angara-5 assembly, enables determining the total yield, the spectrum, and the time dependence of the neutron yield of the source. In experiments with superfast deuterium Z pinch a neutron yield of 1012 and spatial anisotropy of the neutron spectrum were recorded with the help of the described diagnostics system. The anisotropy of the neutron spectrum indicates that at least some of the neutrons were produced by an acceleration mechanism.


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  • A. V. Batyunin
  • A. N. Bulatov
  • V. I. Zaitsev
  • G. M. Oleinik

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