Journal of Applied Electrochemistry

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On the manganese dioxide electrode. V. The evidence indicating the presence of two solid solutions in the range MnO2-MnO1·5 with γ-MnO2 as one end member

  • W. C. Maskell
  • J. A. E. Shaw
  • F. L. Tye


An examination of the literature has revealed that several of the properties of oxyhydroxides derived fromγ-MnO2 show a sharp change around the midpoint at MnO1.75. These include the lattice parameters, the activation energy for semiconduction, the magnetic susceptibility, the thermal behaviour and the electrical potential. Intermediate compounds have been observed by X-ray diffraction in the closely related systems ramsdellite/groutite and VO2/VOOH. It is suggested that for theγ-MnO2/δ-MnOOH system two solid solutions exist, one between MnO2 and MnO1.75 (e.g. Mn2O4H) and another between Mn2O4H and MnOOH. Ways in which the two solid solutions may arise involving different proton-electron filling mechanisms above and below the midpoint are discussed.


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  • W. C. Maskell
    • 1
  • J. A. E. Shaw
    • 1
  • F. L. Tye
    • 1
  1. 1.Group Technical CentreBerec Group LtdLondonUK

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