Nutritional evaluation of chickpea and germinated chickpea flours


The ability of seed germination to increase the nutritional quality of chickpea was studied. Chickpea flours germinated for 0, 24 and 48 h were evaluated nutritionally by determination of protein efficiency ratio (PER), net protein ratio (NPR), digestibility and essential amino acid availability “in vivo”. A significant increase in ascorbic acid was observed during germination. PER and NPR values indicated that germinated chickpea flours compared favorably to casein. Protein digestibility decreased as germination time increased. Essential amino acid availability did not change after 24 h of germination, but a small decrease was observed after 48 h. The increase in some amino acids during germination may account for the observed increase in PER for the germinated flours. Seed germination enhanced significantly the nutritional quality of chickpea protein and substantially increased the ascorbic acid level.

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