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Effect of vegetable fibre on post prandial glycemia


Effects of feeding different levels of vegetable fibre to normal and non-insulin dependent diabetics were studied. Influences of a control diet (diet with no vegetable fibre) and a purified fibre diet (Isapgol) were compared to results achieved with different levels of several vegetables. A negative correlation between the level of fibre and blood glucose levels in terms of mean percent peak rise, AUC, and per cent glycemic response was shown. Bitter gourd was more effective than the leafy vegetables. Even though the trend in post prandial glucose levels was same for both normal and diabetic subjects, the metabolic response varied significantly between the two groups.

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Sreedevi, Chaturved, A. Effect of vegetable fibre on post prandial glycemia. Plant Food Hum Nutr 44, 71–78 (1993).

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Key words

  • Ponnaganni (Alternanthere sessilis)
  • Colocasia leaves (Colocasia antiquorom)
  • Bitter gourd (Momoroica charantia)
  • Isapgol
  • Fibre levels
  • Glycemic response