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Responses of limbic cortical neurons to stimulation of splanchnic and sciatic nerves and of the mammillary bodies

  • Z. A. Vagramyan
  • O. G. Baklavadzhyan


Spontaneous and evoked unit activity in the anterior limbic cortex in response to stimulation of the splanchnic and sciatic nerves and of the mammillary region of the hypothalamus were recorded extracellularly in acute experiments on cats. The study of heterogeneous transsynaptic influence on limbic cortical neurons showed that in the presence of effective sensory viscerosomatic convergence, weak convergence of influences from the central hypothalamic and peripheral sources took place. Short-latency responses of limbic cortical neurons to stimulation of the mammillary bodies consisted of orthodromic and antidromic responses, evidence of the existence of short two-way connections between the anterior limbic cortex and mammillary nuclei of the hypothalamus.


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  • Z. A. Vagramyan
  • O. G. Baklavadzhyan

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