, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 310–313

Reconstitution of a sodium pump on lipid vesicles

  • O. M. Rozhmanova
  • L. N. Stel'makh

DOI: 10.1007/BF01058668

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Rozhmanova, O.M. & Stel'makh, L.N. Neurophysiology (1981) 13: 310. doi:10.1007/BF01058668


A purified highly active lubrol-solubilized preparation of Na,K-ATPase, isolated from bovine brain, was reconstituted from lipid vesicles, and the transport properties of the reconstituted system were studied. This system was shown to preserve the vector properties of the sodium pump. For instance, on addition of ATP to the external medium of the proteoliposomes, activation of inflow of sodium ions into the proteoliposomes and outflow of rubidium (a potassium analog in the transport mechanism) from them were observed. Ouabain inhibits these processes, but only on the side opposite to that of ATP application.

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  • O. M. Rozhmanova
  • L. N. Stel'makh

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