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Interference of steady shock waves traveling in the same direction


A classification of the possible types of shock-wave structures formed as a result of the interference between overtaking shocks in a homogeneous flow is developed on the basis of a previous study [1]. A series of analytic and numerical interaction type criteria is obtained, which makes it possible to justify and supplement the analysis, carried out in [2], of the regions of the governing flow parameters in which steady-state solutions for shock-wave structures of different types exist. The calculations are found to be consistent with the known experimental data.

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Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Mekhanika Zhidkosti i Gaza, No. 4, pp. 143–152, July–August, 1987.

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Roslyakov, G.S., Starykh, A.L. & Uskov, V.N. Interference of steady shock waves traveling in the same direction. Fluid Dyn 22, 614–622 (1987).

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