Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics

, Volume 22, Issue 9, pp 728–735 | Cite as

Formation of radio signal spectral lines in propagation through circumsolar plasma

  • V. M. Razmanov
  • A. I. Efimov
  • O. I. Yakoviev


The available experimental data on spectral line broadening for monochromatic radio waves propagating in the circumsolar plasma indicate the presence within the spatial spectrum of plasma inhomogeneities of an internal turbulence scale, the effect of which manifests itself in the finite values of the moments of the energy density distribution over frequency and in normatization of the spectral line form in the strong signal scattering regime. Theoretical analysis of line broadening produced by moving inhomogeneities in the solar corona has established a relationship between the second and fourth moments of the spectrum and the turbulence characteristics, permitting determination of the radial profile of the internal inhomogeneity scale for a known velocity of motion. According to Venera 10 data, the internal turbulence scale of the circumsolar plasma is of the order of magnitude of several km at distances of 5–10 solar radii and increases sharply with radial distanee. The change in the value of the internal turbulence scale with distance is of the same type as the dependence of ionic gyroradius on distance to the sun.

Analysis of spectral broadening of radio signals is an effective means of studying such characteristics of inhomogeneities in the circumsolar plasma as the form of the spatial spectrum, the intensity of inhomogeneities, their rate of motion, the internal turbulence scale, and the radial profiles of these quantities. Simultaneously, the peculiarities discovered in the behavior of the spatial spectrum of the inhomogeneities require the completion of a stricter analysis of line broadening with consideration of radial variation of both the internal and external turbulence scales, a process which may explain other peculiarities of the spectral broadening of radio signals in the moderate and intense scattering regimes.


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  • V. M. Razmanov
  • A. I. Efimov
  • O. I. Yakoviev

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