Metals biosorption by sodium alginate immobilizedChlorella homosphaera cells


Cadmium and zinc biosorption, alone or in combination, was investigated with sodium alginate immobilizedChlorella homosphaera cells. Concentrations ranging from 20.0 to 41.0mg/l cadmium, 75.0 and 720.0mg/l zinc were tested and, in all cases, the metal removal achieved values near 100%. When these metals were put in combination a decrease in the rate of absorption was detected. Gold was also tested in the immobilized system and 90% of the initial metal added was recovered in a solution containing 213.0mg/l of the metal, the alginic matrix being responsible for 40% gold uptake.

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  • Sodium
  • Gold
  • Zinc
  • Cadmium
  • Organic Chemistry