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A brillouin scattering study of a polymer blend showing upper critical solution temperature behaviour


The Brillouin spectra of a polymer blend of poly(styrene-co-allyl alcohol) and poly(neopentyl glycol adipate), showing upper critical solution temperature behaviour, have been measured as a function of temperature. Conspicuous changes have been observed in the Brillouin width near the cloud point and have been interpreted as arising from composition changes in the two originally distinct low-temperature microscopically separated liquid phases towards a common high-temperature solution.

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Ng, S.C., Hosea, T.J.C. & Goh, S.H. A brillouin scattering study of a polymer blend showing upper critical solution temperature behaviour. Polymer Bulletin 23, 609–614 (1990).

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  • Polymer
  • Alcohol
  • Glycol
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