Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 102–104 | Cite as

Some properties of bis(4,6-dimethyl-2-pyrimidyl)methylphosphonate

  • V. S. Reznik
  • N. G. Pashkurov


It has been established that bis(4,6-dimethyl-2-pyrimidyl)methylphosphonate (I) is capable of forming a crystalline hydrate with five molecules of water. Compound I reacts with dimethyl sulfate, forming a complex mixture of products from which dimethyl methylphosphonate, 1,4,6-trimethyl-5-sulfo-2-pyrimidinone, the betaine 1,3,4,6-tetramethyl-2-oxodihydropyrimidinium-2-sulfonate, and 4,6-dimethyl-2-hydroxypyrimidine methylphosphonate have been isolated.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • V. S. Reznik
    • 1
  • N. G. Pashkurov
    • 1
  1. 1.Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry AS USSRKazan

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