Hyperfine Interactions

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The mechanism and rate of dtμ formation in solid hydrogen

  • Kenji Fukushima
Formation Of Muonic Molecules


The partial spectral distribution function\(I_{K_{i,} K_f } {\text{ (}}\xi {\text{, }} \in {\text{; }}T{\text{)}}\) for muonic molecule formation turns out to play an important role in understanding the effect of interactions with surrounding spectator molecules. We formulate and numerically calculate it for a solid hydrogen. First of all, in addition to a conventional Lorentzian peak centered at a resonance energy\( \in _{K_{i,} K_f } \), there appears another very broad peak in the spectral distribution, which extends from the resonance energy to energies higher by the Debye energyħθD of the solid. It is shown that the latter corresponds to the spectral distribution of phonon excitations caused by a sudden dtμ formation. Secondly, a strong intensity borrowing from the Lorentzian peak to the broad one occurs. Thanks to this fact, a large formation rate is yielded for subthreshold transitions. The comparison with Vesman's spectral distribution function, namely, of a dtμ formation for an isolated D2, is made.


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  • Kenji Fukushima
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsTokyo Metropolitan UniversityTokyoJapan

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