Journal of Protein Chemistry

, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 623–627 | Cite as

Synthesis of tolerogenic monomethoxypolyethylene glycol and polyvinyl alcohol conjugates of peptides

  • M. Zouhair Atassi
  • Taghi Manshouri


Recent studies from this laboratory showed that tolerogenic peptide conjugates are very effective reagents for obtaining epitope-specific immunosuppression of antibody responses to immunopathogenic sites on multideterminant complex protein antigens. This paper describes the procedure for synthesis of well-defined conjugates of peptides to monomethoxypoly-ethylene glycol (mPEG) or to polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). The first step involves succinylation of the hydroxyl groups on the polymers by reaction with succinic anhydride. The polymer is then coupled via the carboxyl of the succinyl group to the α-NH2 of the completed peptide on the synthetic resin, while maintaining intact all the side-chain protecting groups on the peptide. The mPEG or PVA-peptide conjugates are cleaved from the resin and purified by standard procedures. This method results in the preparation of conjugates in which one molecule of tolerogenic polymer is coupled to the N-terminal of an otherwise unaltered peptide molecule.

Key words

Antibody response epitope-specific suppression monomethoxypolyethylene glycol polyvinyl alcohol tolerogenic peptide conjugate 


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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1991

Authors and Affiliations

  • M. Zouhair Atassi
    • 1
  • Taghi Manshouri
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BiochemistryBaylor College of MedicineHouston

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