Transition Metal Chemistry

, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp 365–370 | Cite as

Transition metal ion complexes of thiosemicarbazones derived from 2-acetylpyridine. Part 1. The4N-methyl derivative

  • Douglas X. West
  • Niels C. Lewis
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A series of metal ion complexes of the thiosemicarbazone,N-methyl-2[1-(2-pyridinyl)ethylidene]-hydrazinecarbothioamide (HL4M) has been prepared and spectrally characterized. HL4M coordinates either as a neutral bidentate ligand (i.e., pyridyl N and imine N) or as deprotonated tridentate ligand (i.e., pyridyl N, imine N and thiol sulphur). The cobalt(II) salts yield hexacoordinated cobalt(III) cations, and an isoelectronic species, [Ni(L4M)2], has been formed from Ni(C2H3O2)2. The remaining nickel(II) complexes involve the neutral ligand, as do two of the three copper(II) complexes. HL4M possesses a weaker ligand field and has less covalency in its bonding than related thiosemicarbazones that possess anN-dialkyl-function.


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  • Douglas X. West
    • 1
  • Niels C. Lewis
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryIllinois State UniversityNormalUSA

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