Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 1005–1007 | Cite as

Motion of a system of spherical gas bubbles in a liquid at large Reynolds numbers

  • G. Ya. Gerasimov


Considerable difficulties attach to the mathematical description of the motion of a system of spherical bubbles of identical dimensions in a liquid, at large Reynolds numbers. At present, there are several known approaches to the solution of the problem, based on the application of the cell model [1–4]. For small Reynolds numbers, a more rigorous description of a system of spherical bubbles was attempted in [5] by means of the Tam method [6], using the approximation of “point∝ forces with successive averaging over ensembles. In the present paper, the Tam method is used to describe the motion of a system of spherical bubbles of identical size at large Reynolds numbers. The drag force exerted by the liquid on a specimen bubble of the considered system is calculated.


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  • G. Ya. Gerasimov

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