Journal of Statistical Physics

, Volume 58, Issue 1–2, pp 375–382 | Cite as

Diffusion in three-dimensional random systems at their percolation thresholds

  • H. Eduardo Roman
Short Communications


Extensive Monte Carlo simulations of theant-in-the-labyrinth problem on randomL* L* L simple cubic lattices are performed, forL up to 960 on a CRAY-YMP supercomputer. The exponentk for the rms displacementr witht inrt k is found to bek=0.190±0.003. As a second approach, large percolation clusters with chemical shells up to 300 are generated on a simple cubic lattice at criticality. The diffusion equation is then solved by using the exact enumeration technique. The corresponding critical exponentd w is found to be 1/d w =0.250±0.003.

Key words

Percolation anomalous diffusion Alexander-Orbach rule vector computer 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • H. Eduardo Roman
    • 1
  1. 1.HLRZc/o KFA JülichJülich 1Federal Republic of Germany

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