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Gauge theory for the Poincaré group

  • M. O. Katanaev


Theories containing the squares of the curvature and torsion tensors have recently been investigated from various points of view. Stelle [11] showed that a theory with Lagrangian of the type R(e)+R2(e) is renormalizable but not unitary. Sezgin and Van Nieuwenhuizen [12] found a general class of Lagrangians free of ghosts and tachyons. Rauch and Nieh [13] proved Brikhoff's theorem in a number of cases, and Fradkin and Tseitlin [14] proved the existence of asymptotic freedom in conformal supergravity, which also contains the square of the curvature tensor.

Our Lagrangian differs from the one considered in [11] by the presence of torsion and from [12, 13] by the presence of the cosmological constant. This makes it impossible to transfer the corresponding results to the Lagrangian (9) so that the questions of unitarity and renormalizability require further investigation.


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