Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

, Volume 95, Issue 2, pp 604–625 | Cite as

On the continuum limit of the conformal matrix models

  • A. Mironov
  • S. Pakuliak


The double scaling limit of a new class of the multi-matrix models proposed in [1], which possess the W-symmetry at the discrete level, is investigated in details. These models are demonstrated to fall into the same universality class as the standard multi-matrix models. In particular, the transformation of the W-algebra at the discrete level into the continuum one of the paper [2] is proposed, the corresponding partition functions being compared. All calculations are demonstrated in full in the first non-trivial case of W(3)-constraints.


Partition Function Matrix Model Continuum Limit Universality Class Discrete Level 


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  • A. Mironov
  • S. Pakuliak

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