Fluid Dynamics

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Velocity-profile deformation in EHD flow in a two-dimensional channel

  • A. B. Vatazhin


The study of unipolar-charged fluids in the presence of external and induced electric fields has recently taken on great importance. The characteristics of one-dimensional EGD flows [1, 2] and developed laminar flows of a viscous fluid [3] have been clarified in several studies made in this field. However, the study of three-dimensional flows of such media is actually just beginning. Here, along with the analysis of three-dimensional boundary layers and jets [4], there is considerable interest in the study of spatial (two-dimensional and three-dimensional) EHD flows of an inviscid fluid, since in many engineering devices the zone of interaction of the flow with the electric fields does not exceed a few channel diameters, which makes it possible to neglect viscous effects.

In this paper we examine some aspects of two-dimensional EHD flows of a viscous incompressible medium for infinitely large electric Reynolds numbers. The perturbations of the hydrodynamic parameters of the flow downstream from the zone of action of the electrostatic forces are determined. It is shown that in many cases the flow parameters outside this zone may be determined without solving the complete system of EHD partial differential equations.


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  • A. B. Vatazhin
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  1. 1.Moscow

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