Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 479–481 | Cite as

A case of jet flow of a gravity fluid

  • L. M. Kotlyar


The problem of plane steady ideal heavy fluid flow bounded by an impermeable polygonal section, a curvilinear arc section, and a finite section of free surface is investigated in an exact nonlinear formulation. Hydrodynamic singularities may exist in the stream. A large class of captation problems of jet theory reduces to studying this kind of flow. The unique solvability of the problem under investigation is proved for sufficiently large Froude numbers and small arc curvature. A method of solution is given and an example is computed. Such problems have been solved earlier by numerical methods [1–3]. Some problems about jet flows of a gravity fluid with polygonal solid boundaries have been investigated by an analogous method in [4, 5].


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  • L. M. Kotlyar
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  1. 1.Kazan'

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