Radiation patterns of circular apertures with Gaussian illumination

  • Paul F. Goldsmith

DOI: 10.1007/BF01013128

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Goldsmith, P.F. Int J Infrared Milli Waves (1987) 8: 771. doi:10.1007/BF01013128


We analyze the radiation pattern from circular apertures with Gaussian electric field distribution. Patterns are calculated using the Fraunhofer diffraction integral and we obtain a convenient expression for the FWHM beamwidth as a function of the edge taper. The aperture efficiency can be calculated for blocked and unblocked apertures in analytic form. The beam efficiency must be computed numerically, but can be obtained in a straightforward way from the beamwidth.


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  • Paul F. Goldsmith
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  1. 1.Millitech CorporationSouth Deerfield
  2. 2.Department of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of MassachusettsAmherst

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