Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp 791–794 | Cite as

Propagation of small disturbances in a relaxing and radiating diatomic gas in vibrational nonequilibrium

  • L. V. Katkovskii


In radiation gasdynamical problems, where the primary object of investigation is a moving gas, the influence of radiation on the parameters of the gas flow is usually neglected to avoid overcomplication of the problem. The growth and behavior of initial disturbances in a scattering, radiating, absorbing, viscous, heat-conducting gas characterized by local thermodynamic equilibrium has been investigated previously [1]. However, for low pressures (p∼10−4 to 10−3 technical atm) and fairly high temperatures of the active molecular degrees of freedom (T∼103 to 3·103‡K) the distribution of the molecules among the vibrational levels can differ markedly from the equilibrium distribution due to the or der-of-magnitude closeness of the vibrational relaxation time Τc associated with collisions and the radiative deactivation time Τ* of excited molecules [2, 3]. We now analyze normal modes in a vibrationally nonequilibrium medium with allowance for radiation scattering in the vibrational-rotational band. We formulate a dispersion relation and discuss some limiting cases.


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  • L. V. Katkovskii
    • 1
  1. 1.Minsk

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