Journal of Statistical Physics

, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 331–345 | Cite as

Treatment of droplike clusters in nucleation theory using Reiss's method

  • Ryoichi Kikuchi


The expression of the correction factorΦ in nucleation theory is derived by extending the method Reiss used recently.Φ is the factor appearing in the number of critical nuclei (formed as a vapor condenses into liquid drops) as a correction to the conventional theory. It is shown thatΦ=p l /ν g /kT, wherep l is the pressure of the liquid phase inside the drop,ν g , is the volume per molecule in the vapor phase,k is the Boltzmann constant, andT is the absolute temperature. The difference between thisΦ and Reiss's expression isp l , which replaces hisp g (the vapor pressure in equilibrium with the drop). TheΦ derived in this paper is compatible with the expressionΦ=ν g /ν l (ν l is the molecular volume in the liquid phase) previously proposed by the present author.

Key words

Nucleation condensation rate partition function clusters surface layer unstable equilibrium fluid 


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  • Ryoichi Kikuchi
    • 1
  1. 1.Hughes Research LaboratoriesMalibu

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