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Measurement of macrodeviations in external surfaces of cylindrical components

  • T. S. Lopovok
Linear Measurements


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    Measurements of macrodeviations in external surfaces of cylindrical components with respect to their axes (when the component is rotated in stationary centers) are only possible with high quality machining of the center holes.

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    Comparison of macroprofilograms of the same cross section recorded with respect to its axis (on the Stankin-BV set) and with respect to the axis of a precision spindle instrument (the Talyrond set) provides the possibility of determining the optimum technology for producing the center holes, irregularities of whose shape have a considerable effect on the shape of the external surface of the component during its manufacture.

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    Recording of macroprofilograms in rectangular coordinates is not inferior in practice to their recordings in polar coordinates, and with a certain amount of practice the evaluation of their shape from the adjacent sine wave can be made as rapidly as from an adjacent circumference, and double the amplitude of the adjacent sine wave determines the value of the wobble, which is important of itself for many cylindrical components (for instance, mandrels).



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