Measurement Techniques

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Testing of scaleless measuring instruments

  • S. M. Kessel'man
  • A. M. Kipnis
Assistance to Measurement Laboratory Workers


The article deals with four methods which are intended for continuous automatic testing of scaleless measuring instruments and raise considerably the precision and efficiency of testing. Three of them can, in many instances, be used without developing special equipment. Continuous testing provides an incomparably larger amount of information about the qualitative condition of the tested instruments than normal discrete static testing, thus serving to obtain a technical diagnostic of instruments both under adjustment and quality control conditions. This makes it possible to reduce considerably the number of failures in the course of operation by eliminating in time the instruments' defects which in normal testing remain undiscovered. Continuous automatic testing simplifies prolonged testing of instruments for reliability and evaluation of their reliability parameters. The testing methods under consideration provide in principle the possibility of determining the tested instruments' dynamic errors with respect to the input signal's rate of change.


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  • S. M. Kessel'man
  • A. M. Kipnis

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