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Note on the quantum displacement of the critical point


The quantum corrections to the law of corresponding states are studied by calculating the critical pressure, temperature, and density to first order in Planck's constanth on an exactly soluble model. The ratio of the critical parameters to the corresponding classical values are found to be (p c/p c 0)1/2cc 0 = Tc/Tc 0 = 1−0.67Λ, withΛ=hρ c 1/3(mkT c)−1/2. The critical ratio is independent ofh to first order. The results are compared with critical data for noble gases and hydrogen isotopes.

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Nilsen, T.S., Hemmer, P.C. Note on the quantum displacement of the critical point. J Stat Phys 1, 175–178 (1969).

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  • Critical point
  • Equation of state
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