The Histochemical Journal

, Volume 22, Issue 6–7, pp 311–312 | Cite as

Guest editorial

  • Matilda E. Boon


The introduction of microwave technology in the laboratory is a slow process, but we are sure that the point of no return will be passed in 1990. Forced by environmental defence groups, we start to realize that minimalization of reagent usage in the laboratory is urgently needed. This is especially the case with reagents which are unpleasant or dangerous for laboratory personnel (such as formalin), or which are harmful to the environment (heavy metals). Perhaps administration and laboratory management will see their responsibilities and take steps to make it possible for the laboratory personnel to achieve this. It is clear to us that microwave technology can play a key role here.

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  • Matilda E. Boon
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  1. 1.Leiden Cytology and Pathology LaboratoryLeidenThe Netherlands

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