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The treatment of psychophysiologic insomnia with biofeedback: A replication study


To replicate a previous study, 16 psychophysiological insomniacs were randomly assigned to either Theta feedback or sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) feedback. Evaluations by home sleep logs and by 3 nights in the laboratory were done before biofeedback, immediately after biofeedback, and 9 months later. Results from this study replicate previous findings. Both Theta and SMR feedback seemed effective treatments of insomnia according to home sleep logs. According to evaluations at the sleep laboratory, tense and anxious insomniacs benefited only from Theta feedback but not from SMR feedback, while those who were relaxed at intake but still could not sleep benefited only from SMR but not from Theta feedback.

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This research was supported by Grant No. MH24268 from NIMH. The authors would like to thank Michael Sateia, Elaine Olmstead, Molly Oldfield, and Boyd Hayes for their assistance with this paper.

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