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Linear analog rotation angle converter with an error of 0.001%

  • V. I. Tartakovskii
  • M. L. Kogan


The above linear analog converter can be used for nonperiodic transformation of an angle into a voltage over a wide angular range. The simple design, simple manufacturing requirements, and reliable operation inherent to analog devices are combined with a high conversion precision.

The converter can be used in compensated circuits owing to the small phase difference between its output and supply voltages. The converter has a considerable output power combined with a high precision. The converter's insensitivity to noise is very high owing to its very low (of the order of 100 mΩ) output resistance. The low noise level simplifies the design of null indicators. This converter can be usefully and effectively applied to programmed control systems, remote transmissions, and autocompensating systems.


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  • V. I. Tartakovskii
  • M. L. Kogan

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